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One of my favorite things to say is

“Somebody actually had to sit down and design that.”

Sometimes I mean it as a compliment, other times itʼs because something is so striking that I am amazed someone came up with it. Doesnʼt that sentiment apply to everything we use? From the doorknobs you touch every day to the packaging on the products you use - it had to be designed.

Iʼm sure this was supposed to be philosophical or enlightening, but really Iʼm just appreciating the fact that almost every aspect of our lives has been designed and itʼs actually really hard to get rid of designers. So thanks for giving me a job!
Anyway, howdy. Iʼm Cindy and Iʼm a graphic designer based in Seattle. When Iʼm not drinking coffee to make deadlines, Iʼm spending time with the people closest to me, curating my R&B playlists, or daydreaming about my next trip.

It would be a dream come true to work for a graphic design firm, but for now I freelance.
"I want to make beautiful things,
even if nobody cares."
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